The Buying Process

When the agents of Houston decided to syndicate all their listings on the internet, the landscape of buying changed. While you may know how to ‘shop’ online for a house you like, do you know how to negotiate the best deal or navigate all the ins and outs of this legally binding transaction? 

Let us alleviate your burden by:


Focusing on your house as much as you do, since our Office Manager takes all the minutia off our agents’ plates.

Listening to your requirements, goals, and vision for your future, so we can help you find the right neighborhood and home for your lifestyle.



Communicating with you regularly, so that you never feel overwhelmed by all the steps involved in purchasing a home.

Consulting with you about what to expect during the dynamic Buyer process, to include timelines, potential obstacles, and financial implications, so buying a house is not stressful.


Analyzing recent sales data, active listings data, and market trends in your prospective home’s neighborhood, in order to determine the best offer price.


Educating you about what’s next throughout the entire process via our video email series we have developed, so you are never anxious.


Prospecting and networking in order to find Sellers that might have a home that could be a fit for you.


Negotiating to give you the best chance of getting your home bought at the best price in the shortest amountof time.


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