Lea came to Houston, Texas from Prague, Czech Republic. She has a degree in Financial Management and has worked for globally renowned companies (ING Capital, Coca-Cola) for over a decade in the field of finance and marketing. She successfully developed and carried out complex marketing strategies and campaigns, created vast research studies, and always delivered healthy returns on investment. All of her professional and interpersonal skills, together with the background of Threshold Realty, are now offered to her clients. Lea will listen to you and guide you through the complex real estate process in the most transparent and organized way. She will help you understand the real estate market and the numbers before you make any decision. Lea takes pride in offering her clients the red carpet service. She takes the time to go the extra mile to answer all your questions, and make you feel comfortable during one of the biggest life transactions. Lea is a busy mom of 3. She is an animal lover who supports animal rescues. She enjoys hosting dinners and makes a great pizza. She also designs and makes her own line of handbags. 

Lea Hallahan

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