Have Tough Questions?

                    We have answers!



      Will my house be found if I list with Threshold?


Absolutely. In addition to making your property visible to all members of the Houston Association of Realtors, thanks to a thing called IDX all listings are broadcast and syndicated all over the internet on all the home-shopping sites as well.

No matter where Buyers begin their search, they are going to find your house! What really gets the home sold is the strategy that our agent is going to develop with you to get you the most traffic, the most offers, and the highest sales price in the shortest amount of time! 

              Should I just list the house on my own?


No. We understand the desire to net the most money in your pocket. That is our goal for you too. Many people who list on their own or with a discounted broker come to us later to help clean up the mess. The problem with the perceived savings of listing on your own is that it is myopic; it does not factor in the money saved with a good agent. A good agent helps you prepare and position your home properly in order to get the highest offers (sometimes even multiple offers), mitigates your concessions during times like the option period, and educates you to help you stay out of costly pitfalls, to the point where the true net effect is that you save more money working with a professional. 




         Will Sellers respond well to my             offer if I purchase through Threshold?


Absolutely.  In addition to the Seller’s Agent having a fiduciary obligation to always put the clients’ needs above his own, what makes an offer enticing has to do with the terms offered.  Your agent will help you navigate each part of the contract, so you know how to present the most appealing offer.  Our agents are trained in how to write clean, crisp contracts and often find themselves having to fix the mistakes of other agents who write up sloppy contracts.  

Should I just buy a house on my own?


No.  Working with a realtor to purchase typically costs you $0.  We understand the desire to get the best deal.  That is our goal for you too.  Buyer’s Agent commissions are typically collected from the Listing Agent, who agrees with her client to pay a certain percentage to the agent who brings the Buyer.  Since there is no money out of your pocket in this case, working with a professional to prepare and position your offer properly to get you the best deal, fight for your concessions during times like the option period, and educate you to help you stay out of costly pitfalls is a no brainer.


Bourgeois, Bargain, and Bot Brokerages

   Does a fancy brokerage name give me an advantage? 


No. It is the individual agent effort and skill that get the home sold.  Fancy brokerages take a LOT of agents’ money.  We don’t.  The truth is, many agents at the fancy Brokerage need the name to get deals, because they aren’t capable on their own.  The best agents know how to find their own business and are good at getting homes sold; consequently, they avoid the fancy names that take from the fruits of their labor and are instead at Threshold Realty.  

              What about all these discount brokers?


Like the adage says, ‘you get what you pay for.’  When your broker’s best negotiation tactic to attract new business is to give his money away, like you’d guess, he’ll also be much quicker to give your money away during negotiations, which means you won’t save like you think.  Discounted brokers also mean discounted service.  The only way to give such steep discounts is to make up the difference on volume, which means you get no attention, which likely impacts your bottom line in the wrong direction.  Our agents are not only good at what they do, but they are also bolstered by our administrative support to such an extent that they are free to focus on you and getting you the most money.

                     What about a real estate app? 


Once again, like the adage says, ‘you get what you pay for.’  We understand the attraction.  Realtors have such a bad rap, why wouldn’t you resort to a bot?  Again, these types of infrastructure rely upon volume, which translates into discounted services and attention.   Our agents are not only good at what they do, but they are also bolstered by our administrative support to such an extent that they are free to focus on you and getting you the most money.  Plus, do you really want to navigate a legally binding contract and take a gamble with such a big decision?  If you saw our process steps, we feel confident you would not want a bot as your agent.