Selling Your Houston Area Home

At Threshold Realty we strive to take you from our first meeting at your threshold to having your home ‘Just SOLD!’ as quickly and comfortably as possible, all while netting you the most money! 

How do we do that? Quite simply, we rely upon logic and creating a strategy for results, as opposed to emotion and wishing for results. 

Hallmarks to our approach include:

1.   Analyzing both recent sales data as well as current active listings and market trends in your neighborhood, in order to determine the best value proposition to offer to the market, i.e. price, property features, improvements, etc., that has the best chance of netting you the most money in the shortest amount of time!

2.   Communicating with you weekly throughout the entire process, so that you never feel at a loss with respect to how your property is performing in the market.

3.   Interfacing daily with Buyers to increase your exposure to the market beyond MLS.

4.   Practicing advanced negotiating skills to keep the most money in your pocket!

Ready to get the process started? Please fill out the form below or call us at 713-398-5887, as we are eager to assist you!